The Union Of Hypocrites


Take a long, deep breath and imagine how this general election would have played out were the independence referendum never to have happened.

Can you feel that? The overwhelming sense of hopelessness, monotony and misery as rich white men in suits argue constantly over the microscopic changes to policy their party would make if only you would vote for them. They keep droning away while the majority of the country look on and think ‘f**k the lot of you, you utterly useless w**kers’, before eventually, reluctantly, voting for the lesser of the evils on the menu. All the while Scotland sits in the corner, quiet as a mouse, doing what it has always done and is basically ignored by just about everyone. Ah, British democracy. That’s how it should be, right?

Unfortunately- and much to the disgust of ‘proud and patriotic Scots and Brits’ everywhere – the independence referendum did happen and it seems only now are the British establishment feeling the full effects of the consequences of their actions during it. They brought out every dirty trick in the book to try and scare the witless Scots into voting against governing their own country. During the last two weeks of the referendum the people of Scotland were subjected to a media scaremongering campaign the likes of which this country has never seen. And it worked…but only just. Continue reading